Mere Mortal

“You have never talked to a mere mortal.”  -C.S. Lewis.

This is one of my favorite quotes.  It’s a staple thought that runs laps in my mind daily; sometimes even hourly.  It’s easy to get caught up in a narrowed mindset; one that distinguishes our problems as the greatest of all problems.  Of course, we’re human.  How else would we think other than completely wrong?  Unfortunately, if this statement is only a means to justify our illicit behavior, we have effectively placed ourselves in a box that we were never to call home.

This is one of many places where sin creeps into our minds without giving our thoughts a critical examination.  We are not just faulty humans, we are eternal.  Many like to refer to us as “eternal beings.”  This term became adopted since we no longer could consider ourselves human.  But yet we live?  Fortunately for the meek, unfortunate for the proud.

Often I will sit in the back when I go to smaller churches.  I see many nodding along when I hear a message that touches a topic that many don’t fully understand.  It looks like a group of bobble heads simply reacting to words coming from a speaker’s mouth.  Sure, many of them have accepted this truth when it’s presented in a broad scope, however, how many actually question that the person they are sitting next to will forever exist?  The chair they are sitting on will surely perish.  Even the bible they are holding will physically be nothing given enough time.  Yet the soul will always be there.

Our immortality is non-negotiable.  It’s playing out right now and we have a short time to get ourselves right before the show starts.  I know when I look at another person and am able to see them through that lens, I talk different; I smile different.  I begin to have compassion for their soul.  I try to limit my observations of their mental and physical attributes when they talk.  Face to face; messaging, and phone conversations.  I scream out just let me see their soul.  Selfishly this helps me attain a compassion unlike what I can as just flawed, naive human.  I cannot do this on my own.  I tried once.  Then I tried twice.  I pulled from a well that had a finite amount of empathy in it.  I now pull from the infinite well of Christ.

Knowing that the only denominator on the timeline from life to death is the presence of a soul makes it the most consistent aspect of us.  It is us.  Try to speak life into people one by one and forget the large crowds for now.  Find importance in just one person before you try and find it in everyone.  Watching someone at the point in which they receive their first breathe of true life is unlike anything I have experienced.  I immediately realized that if I would have focused on everyone, I would’ve looked right past their true calling.  They very likely would’ve fallen victim to the dead religion all around them.

There are many searching but very little patience.  People need investment so that they can trust an investor.  We need to be content with each person.  It becomes only more frustrating when we believe God is calling on great numbers.  The road is narrow because it’s never been about numbers.

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